EXACT MENTORING FOUNDATION aims to fill the gaps in the current Information Technology education system through custom innovative methods developed by the experts in the industry. Our programs are tailor made to meet the needs of the global software industry and our faculties are working professionals. We explain it simply, because we understand it well.

We do not teach you to be just a hard worker but a smart thinker who solves problems efficiently. With EXACT, you are no longer the beginner moving around the dark not knowing where to start. With our programs you would be the smart professional who knows the way around the Corporate Industry, armed with a map, a compass and a guide to help you find the way around. From traditional learning centers they teach a lesson and give a test, from EXACT, we give you a test to learn the lesson. We redefine the training concepts for those who search for the best career of a life time and show you how to make a life rather than how to make a living.



Our candidates are really lacking the basic and most important skills on convincing the interviewer and ultimately making the interview tougher for them. “Every hiring happens when the interviewer feels that the candidate believes what he believes”. Why don’t you take the control of the interview while being interviewed? EXACTCORP developed a perfect methodology for attending interviews by our Experts. Here we do have a dream program for the students “The Pleasure of being interviewed”. Why don’t you take advantage of it?



Thousands of students are pass out from professional colleges. But only few of them get their dream job. Gone are the days when scoring the highest marks in your class ensured the best jobs in the world. The current job market is a demanding one, the modern day IT professional is no longer one dimensional, they wear many hats – they are innovators, leaders, motivators and professionals with good interpersonal skills. Why don’t you be an expert with the best Soft skills?



You are a new graduate with an admirable professional degree, but you should be a real value addition to your Employer’s current teams and projects. Corporates are lookig for the candidates who can easly adapt their culture and blend in to their highly performing professional teams in a short span of time. At Exact, we bridge the gap between college and industry by bringing the corporate culture to the graduates and mould you in next generation skills. Take advantage of our “Campus to Corporate” program.