Uncertainty and hardship happens to most of the Companies and their divisions due to the lack of proper programs and coaching to their Sales Force. You cannot change your competitors, uncertainty in the market and new technologies that could put you out of business. You have no control on these external forces as they are constant and not going away. The only variable you can change is the condition inside your Organization and that is where the sales people has to pitch in with the right methodologies. So, why don’t you take control of your business by creating a highly capable sales team with clear vision and mission? We developed an excellent program “Sell Your Way to Success” for Highly Enthusiastic Sales People.

Program Contents

  • Evaluating your present position
  • Self Knowledge – The first step to Salesmanship
  • You are what you think you are
  • The psychology of Selling
  • The success formulae for Selling
  • Sales as a chosen Profession
  • Why you are not Selling
  • Attitude determines your Success
  • Overcoming Rejections
  • Build Confidence and destroy Fear
  • Transactional versus Relationship Selling
  • What Buyers Need and Want
  • Qualities and Credibility of a Sales Person
  • The process of Selling
  • How to do Prospecting
  • Telephonic Etiquettes in Sales
  • DOs and DON’Ts in Business Emails
  • Win your customers with Questions rather than Answers
  • Increasing your Listening Skills
  • Importance of more Positive Communication in Selling
  • Uncovering the Need
  • Selling ABCs
  • Rules to handle Negotiations and Objections
  • Closing the Deal
  • How come Sales People fail
  • Setting your sales goals high and exceeding them
  • Time Management in Sales
  • Ethics in Sales

Do you believe in Change?

  • Do you dream about an outstanding Customer satisfaction?
  • Would you like a better satisfaction from your Sales ?
  • Do you want your Sales team to be more committed and
    motivated towards selling?
  • Do you want your Sales force to be the best workforce
    in the Industry?
  • Do you believe in better Salesmanship qualities?
  • Would you like your Organization to be more stable
    and profitable?

Do you dream a highly Effective and Outstanding Sales team? How do you feel about having a talk with us?

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