We have realized that the major reason for uncertainty and hardship in most of the Companies and their divisions happens due to the lack of proper leadership at middle and lower level of the Organization.
You cannot change your competitors, you cannot stop the uncertainty in the market, you cannot stop the new technologies that could put you out of business. You have no control on these external forces as they are constant and not going away.
The only variable you can change is the condition inside your Organization and that is where leadership works.
Why don’t you take control of your business by creating great leaders with clear vision and mission?




We believe in creating leaders at every level of your Organization through our proven methodologies. The success of any Organization lies on the quality of their Employees and we are committed to provide quality services to our Customers. We will mentor your current employees and turn them in to the most valuable assets and also we will help you to reduce and stop attrition.



Setting your personal and professional goals and achieving them is the most important step on your growth towards great success. It’s not always the one who starts out the smartest who ends up the smartest. A mighty vision releases massive talent, the bigger your goal the more talent gets released from you as you walk towards it. We will guide your Employees on setting GOALS and the methods of achieving them.



EXACT Mentoring Foundation guides and mentors your Employees in the field of Organizational Ethics, Corporate Culture, Reasoning Abilities, Team Building, Team Management, Effective Communication and Presentation skills, Time Management, Art of taking interviews, working in Agile teams, customer interaction and bringing ability to choose the right career progression path.