Exact Mentoring Foundation is a leading firm near Inforpark Kochi, which specializes on college and corporate training and staffing. We developed an excellent program specially made for Corporates and other organizations.

We believe in creating leaders at every level of your Organization through our proven methodologies and We believe that the success of any Organization lies on the quality of their Employees and we are committed to provide quality services to our Customers. Our training staffs are industry experts on the field of Development, Testing, Cloud Computing, Process Implementation and Corporate Training on Employee Management, Leadership Programs and Retention.
Uncertainty and hardship happens to most of the Companies and their divisions due to the lack of proper leadership at many levels of the Organization. You cannot change your competitors, uncertainty in the market, new technologies that could put you out of business. You have no control on these external forces as they are constant and not going away. The only variable you can change is the condition inside your Organization and that is where leadership works. So, why don’t you take control of your Organization and its divisions by creating great leaders with clear vision and mission?

Through our proven methods Exact Mentors can fine tune the quality of your resources and transform them to the strongest workforce in the Industry with the following qualities: Better commitment to the Employer, Positive attitude towards work, Better Leadership qualities, More customer focused, Motivated and Empowered mindset, Willingness to learn, Sharpened Technical skills, World class Soft skills, Good presentation skills, Great mind set and ethics for team working, Integrity in Attitude and Smart thinking.

Mastering the Leadership – For High Level Executives

  • How to create empowered and authentic leadership
  • Leadership as a shared experience
  • How to be connected to the rest of the company
  • How to turn defeat in to victory
  • Deeper relationship and stronger leadership
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your organization
  • Setting up successors for success – Building the backup strategy
  • Establishing work-life balance throughout the Organization
  • Leading with questions, not answers
  • The principles of right judgment
  • Motivating the team to extraordinary performance
  • Creating win/win situation in business
  • Train your team like a coach
  • Developing a high performance culture
  • Picking the true leaders
  • Making your team from good to great
  • Rewarding the achievements
  • Risk assessment and Reducing the Employee Attrition
  • Building the winning Organization

Exploring the Leadership – For Competent Managers

  • Leadership – The thing for which you are made for
  • Leadership is about connecting and caring
  • Think like a leader, Sound like a leader talk like a leader
  • How to create empowered and authentic leadership
  • Setting your goals high and exceeding them
  • Deeper relationship and stronger leadership
  • The Qualities of winners
  • Making your team from good to great
  • Listening is caring – increasing your listening skills
  • Setting up successors for success – Building the backup strategy
  • Hiring DOs and DON’Ts
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • The principles of perfection
  • Protecting yourself against negative influence
  • Grow your Leadership skills through confrontation and struggles
  • Handling objections
  • Developing a High performance culture
  • Train your team like a coach
  • Building the winning Team
  • Handling the leadership transformation

Creating NexGen Leaders – For Highly Capable Individuals

  • Evaluating your present position
  • Self Knowledge – The first step to leadership
  • Leaders are made, they are not born
  • You are what you think you are
  • Build confidence and destroy fear
  • Setting your goals high and exceeding them
  • A great person to a great leader
  • Creating happiness on your daily work and life
  • Developing your personal vision
  • Listening is caring – how to increase your listening skills
  • Understanding your passion and investing on it
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Protect yourself against negative influence
  • Your attitude determines your success
  • Qualities of winners
  • Time Management
  • Train yourself frequently like what they do in sports
  • Finding a role model in your life and profession
  • Your comfort zone is your biggest enemy
  • Contributing your best to the Organization

The Difference Exact Mentors make

Through our Value Innovation services, we truly understand how to identify, question, and meet the needs of our Most Important Customers and that will lead them on the true path to success. Exact Mentors is always available to consult with you in defining your specific needs in Employee Mentoring through our key experienced individuals. The greatest strength of every Employer is the Strong Workforce they have, We do convert your Employees to the Strongest and Greatest.

Do you believe in Change?

  • Do you dream about an outstanding Customer satisfaction?
  • Would you like a better Employee satisfaction rate?
  • Do you want your employees to be more committed and motivated towards work?
  • Do you want your Employees to be the best workforce in the Industry?
  • Do you believe in creating great leaders at every level of your Firm?
  • Do you believe in better leadership qualities?
  • Would you like your Organization to be more stable and profitable?
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