Most of the colleges teach people to “get a job” and not how to “make money”. Right from childhood, we are used to hearing our parents and teachers say “Study well, then only you will get a job”. But things like getting a right job, or starting the right business is something which is rarely discussed in our social system.
The present Academic world is filled with so much information about so many academic courses and programs. Most of us are not completely aware of the pros and cons of each courses based on our skills and passion. There are so many promising fields of professional studies which can give enormous opportunities for the upcoming generation.
Are you in confusion about your further studies?
Do you want to know about the promising courses of today and take control of your career?




Our career counselors can help the candidate to get on the right track. Our services are not limited to finding a job alone but also the right course, training institutes, or even starting a business concern.
Exact Mentors at Kakkanad, Kochi offers you a wealth of accurate and up-to-date information to help you make the right choice for your further studies. Career choices are never easy! Choosing a career that matches your passion and dream is one of life’s most critical and important decisions. Don’t know what career is right for you? Or, what options are open to you? How to qualify? What courses to choose? We provide career guidance for a long while. We have a huge list of satisfied customers. Why don’t you talk to us and take advantage of our career counseling?


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